Today’s market haul and how I prepped it for the week ahead

I have shared in a previous blog post that we head to the markets each weekend to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables for the week. So, today, I thought I would share with you what I buy from the markets and how I prep it when I get home, so that most of it is ready to grab, when needed. This is what works for my family at the moment. As you will see in the photos in this post, I mostly use Tupperware containers to keep everything fresh for as long as possible. My fridge also isn’t as big as I would like, so we currently have a second fridge downstairs where I put excess stuff, and move it up later in the week.

This is what we purchased today, for less than $50. Typically, we spend between $60-$80 each week, so it was a small shop this week. I didn’t need to get potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, garlic, onion or cumumber this week. We also got to the markets a little later than usual and missed out on our lettuce (bugga! lucky we also had some of that left in the fridge too).


Washing the produce

Washing your fruits and vegetables in a water/vinegar mix is thought to remove some of the pesticides and bacteria present on the surface of the food. I must admit, lately I haven’t been washing my produce. We do not have town water supply (so we rely on the rain and only have a couple of tanks) and cannot afford to be buying in water, so we have had to be careful about how much water we use. This past week, however, we have received a lot of rain and the tanks are full (plus we have put another tank temporarily in the backyard as we haven’t had it plumbed in yet and at least this way we will collect the water). So, today I started washing our fruit and veggies again. I just do it in the kitchen sink and use a generous splash of Apple Cider Vinegar (but will have pick up some white vinegar… white vinegar is much cheaper and ACV is made from RED apples (Red foods are a ‘behaviour’ trigger for Lachie, for those of you who aren’t familiar with our story). When I asked the Naturopath about using it for this purpose, he suggested rinsing it again with clean water if I use ACV. Here is an example of one batch (broccoli, beans and celery). Please forgive the poor quality of my photos, I only have my phone to use as a camera at this point.


Prepping for the fridge

I started with the cauliflower today. I cut it into florets and then cubed the stems, which will go into the freezer to be used in a stirfry or casserole at a later date.


The celery was cut into stalks and I will cut it into stick for the kids lunchboxes throughout the week (I still have some finely diced in the freezer in small bags, which I add to stirfry’s, casseroles, rissoles etc). The tops will go into the freezer and I will use them in my next batch of bone broth.


The broccoli gets gets treated in much the same way as the cauliflower: cut into florets and the stem used in some way. Today I shredded the stem and used it in coleslaw (picture to come). I only bought a small amount of beans as they looked like they would need to be used up quickly. The plastic bag is some broccoli and beans that we will use for tonight’s dinner (as I do not have enough Tupperware – though my husband may disagree). I also cut some beans and broccoli into small pieces and set aside in a container to use in a quiche.


This is the start of my coleslaw bowl and quiche container. The last bit of the brocoli stems were cubed and added to the quiche container.


Then I added 2 shredded purple carrots & 1 orange one (left from last week) and half of a sugarloaf cabbage to the coleslaw bowl.


It ended up making 3 containers worth. I usually make 2 and store one down in the other fridge. However, as we didn’t get any lettuce this week, we will probably use more and I am hoping we will use this up before it goes bad. If it looks like it won’t last, I may just use it in another quiche later in the week.


Next I cut the corn into 5 pieces each (there are 5 in our family).


I had one corn cob left from last week, which I cut the kernels off of and added to the quiche container. I also added a grated carrot and sliced shallot.


All of the fruit got washed and put into the fruit bowl on the table except for the passionfruit, which I removed the pulp and stored in the freezer for adding to yoghurts. Half of the bananas went in the fruit bowl and the other half in the fridge downstairs, so that they don’t all ripen at once. The cherry tomatoes got washed and stored in a plastic container (saved from buying tomatoes from Woolworths). The carrots just went into the crisper as they were because sometimes we cut them in rounds for dinner or sticks for lunchboxes so I usually chop them as I need them. I mentioned that we didn’t get lettuce this week, but here is how I store it (and what I have left from last week).


And now… my chickens love me! (actually, some of this will probably go into the compost).


For the quiche, I whisked a dozen eggs with some salt, pepper and dried parsley. Then added the veggies that I had prepped along the way. I decided there wasn’t enough egg, so added 4 more. Then I sliced some goats cheese for the top. I baked it for about 45 mins and that was lunch! Actually, we had some cheese and crackers while we were waiting for it to cook (shh!). We used half of this for lunch (for the 5 of us) and the rest will be cut and frozen for lunches later in the week.


And now I am exhausted! haha! But now you know how I do things. If I have given you some ideas, or you have some ideas for me even… I would love to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for being a part of my journey to Nutritionist!


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