The one thing you need to know to get your diet back on track

Well Hello and Goodbye, Easter. “You have had your fun, Rebecca, now it is time to get back on track.” Do you have these talks with yourself? It has been rather busy in our world of late and that means that we have found ourselves too tired or ill-prepared for making good, healthy meals. Time to get back on track!

Firstly, I don’t like the word diet. It implies you are trying to lose weight. Which you may be, but being healthy is the ultimate goal, right? If you have some weight to shift, it can often take care of itself as a result of eating healthier and being more mindful of what you eat. The word diet just seems to fit though, doesn’t it? It has become set in our vocabulary. The way I refer to it here in this post, is simply as a word to describe your own food choice guidelines, be it Paleo, Vegan etc or your own set of preferences for healthy eating.

80/20 Rule

I have mentioned before on the blog that it is a good rule of thumb to follow your diet 80% of the time and allow guilt-free treats (or relaxations to your guidelines) 20% of the time. I mentioned on my Tuesday Tip yesterday, to my Facebook followers, that the stress of choosing the ‘healthy’ option 100% of the time could potentially do more harm than enjoying a treat or choosing something ‘unhealthy’ on occasion. It’s true, stress is not good for you! You should be able to have a treat from time to time without beating yourself up over it. But what do you do if your 80/20 rule does a backflip and you have been eating 20/80? Or maybe you are want to know how implement a diet in the first place.

The one thing you need to know

Remember why you do it. Seriously, it is that simple! When you make changes to your diet, it is typically because you are determined. Determined to feel more energized and able keep up with the kids/grandkids. Determined to clear up your skin. Determined to think more clearly. Determined to lose the aches and pains. And, when we choose this lifestyle for our little ones, we are even more determined to give them the best and allow them to reach their full potential! When you want something bad enough, you will always have the power to make it work. So, answer me this, “Why do you do it?”

Lets get back on track together,


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