An update on Lachlan’s story

Wow! It has come to my attention that it has been five months since I shared an update on Lachie’s progress. Five months! So, I thought I ought to let you know how things have been going lately.

Last time I was in touch was after Lachie’s follow-up appointment with the Naturopath. We had finally noticed an improvement in his ADHD symptoms, through dietary changes & supplements prescribed by the Naturopath. So we had returned to check on his progress. We were told that his leaky gut was 50% healed and his liver had made progress too. We were so excited that all of our hard work was finally paying off. (If you are new, and haven’t read about Lachie’s story, you may like to read about our Naturopath appointment here or the story of why I think Lachie has a leaky gut here).

Since the follow-up, we have continued to follow the dietary plan and supplements that were prescribed. We have had some ‘slack’ days here and there. Interestingly, though, over easter, he seemed to tolerate eating some chocolate and other foods that he would usually have to avoid… and he did not respond. We didn’t see the onset of the silliness, the brain fog, the ‘unplugged’ behaviour that we were so used to. We were amazed!

Life was getting busy and, unfortunately, we started taking that for granted a little… we got a bit slack. We allowed a few things to sneak back (mostly just with the red foods – how good it was to have some spaghetti bolognaise!). We got a bit slack with reminding him to take his liver supplement and probiotic in the mornings. We made a habit of buying a hot chicken & chips from the local servo for a treat most Friday nights (Friday nights became movie night; our night off from studies; our reminder that we have children and a life outside of uni! haha).

However, we noticed was that it was affecting Lachlan. He certainly has not gone back to the way he was, but we noticed that the little extras just were not there anymore. He had gotten to be very helpful, even organised and motivated most mornings… and that was starting to lag. While I do not expect the kid to be a perfect angel 100% of the time, I worry that it may mean we are undoing the healing of his liver and gut. So, we have gotten a little stricter again. Last Friday, I crumbed some chicken and made hot chips at home. The kids thought it was fantastic! We have also noticed that some of the motivation and organisation is sneaking back in again 🙂

Now I cannot wait until our next appointment with the Naturopath. In just a few weeks time, we can check on his progress again. I am excited to find out if we are ready for the next step in his healing journey. At our last appointment, we were told that his next supplement would be “working on his DNA”. I am SO curious to find out more and understand this!

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