Lachlan is healed!

No more leaky gut, no more sluggish liver, Lachie is healed! Our Naturopath congratulated us and told us that he is happy with ALL of Lachie’s organ systems. It was so reassuring to hear that all of our hard work had paid off and I was excited to hear about our next step – repairing Lachie’s DNA!

I asked our Naturopath to explain how and why Lachie’s DNA needed to be repaired. Essentially, he already had some damage (if you have not already read it, you may like to read my post about my thoughts on why Lachie developed leaky gut here) but food chemicals have made it worse. So, even though he is just 9 years old, the foods that he has been eating all of his life were not ideal for him and have caused further damage to his DNA.

TeloCel is the supplement that Lachie now takes, which will repair the damage. It delivers his body with the amino acids (and nutrients) required to repair his telomeres (protective ‘tails’ on our DNA), to further heal his body.

Lachie will take TeloCel daily. With each cycle of cell renewal, the TeloCel will encourage more repair. After six months, his DNA should be fully repaired. At this time, our Naturopath expects that we should be able to add a number of foods back into his diet, although he did mention that wheat (due to the GMO), dairy and pork (due to the enzymes required to digest them) will most likely still be off of the cards.

I know that all of the hard work we have been doing is paying off because I have seen a huge improvement in Lachie’s latest report card (both his grades and the effort he applies have improved). With comments like “Lachlan follows instructions and directions and usually makes safe choices. He usually remains focused and is improving at completing set tasks.” you can say that we have his ADHD symptoms under control. I am excited that we have been able to do so without medication and I am even more excited to begin the next leg of our journey and to see where it takes us.

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